The 10th International Mycological Congress, Bangkok,Thailand 3-8 August 2014
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The 10th International Mycological Congress, Bangkok,Thailand
Kingdom Fungi, constitute in excess of 1.5 million different species and they can be found in every ecosystem on our planet. By the same token, their diversity is enormous and they have a great impact on man and the environment. Their benefits are seen in the foods we consume, such as mushrooms, cheeses, drinks and sauces and now, more recently, fungi have been discovered that produce antibiotics, anticancer agents and even fuel-related compounds. Fungi are also used in the industrial manufacture of chemicals and enzymes.
They are the main recyclers in the terrestrial environment, and at the same time help feed forest trees through mycorrhizal association with roots. They have close associations with algae or cyanobacteria to form lichens which are useful indicators of environmental change. Significantly, some fungi can damage food and food products, wood, furniture, fabrics, and even petroleum products. Yet, how much do we really know about the working processes of fungi, and for that matter, how many fungi really exist on the planet?

The aim of this conference is to look at the enormous wealth of species and genetic diversity in the fungi, biological functions, relationships and adaptations to our changing environment and to discover their ever increasing role in providing benefits to mankind..
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