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The Oetiker type clamp tool is perfect for setting up and eliminating Oetiker Ear Clamps. Utilizing Stepless Oetiker design clamps provides you with a superior connection on your alcoholic beverages and air flow hose facial lines.

Oetiker Clamp Pliers
You will require this tool to correctly affix Oetiker Type Ear Clamps for any fuel or refreshment lines. This clamp tool can be used almost any stepless hearing clamps when you really need an excellent keep on any hose.

Oetiker clamps are a fun way to secure beerline and air travel to hose fixtures within a beer program. Regardless of whether it’s splicing draught beer collection collectively, fixing air travel to couplers, or any other relationship. Oetiker clamps are the preferred approach to connect accessories and series together in Write Draft beer Techniques.

I will speak about oetiker clamps, where you should use them, the precise dimensions to utilize and where to supply oetiker hose clamps.

Once you read this blog you’ll learn how to use oetikers in a write draught beer program. So Let us Go…

Oetiker Clamps Tool

Before you in fact use Oetiker clamps for connections. You’re planning to must have a couple of oetiker pliers.

Solitary Action Part Mouth Oetiker pliers

Photo of Oetiker Pliers

Side Jaw Oetiker Pliers

You will find these pliers on Amazon online marketplace over. I have used the lesser blue set on most installs. I much like the way the feel privately.

Another choice will be the big Oetiker plier that is simpler to crimp oetiker clamps photo under. I prefer equally and go forward and backward between the two. The good thing regarding the larger pliers is it makes crimping really easy, and you don’t need as much hands strength for it.

So let’s start with primary dimensions we use in a write beer program set up. We shall begin with the 13.3 oetiker clamp.

Oetiker Clamp Measurements

13.3 Oetiker Clamp
Here is the most compact oetiker I personally use within a write draft beer program. I personally use smaller oetikers for liquor methods but which is a various scenario. 13.3’s can be used as fixing high pressure atmosphere hose 1/4″ I.D. to stainless accessories.

Incidentally the dimensions of the oetiker can be found along the side of the oetiker clamp if you aren’t certain what size it is actually.

Here’s a predicament where I would personally use 13.3’s. Let us say we are running ¼ “ braided high pressure piping from the C02 resource or main regulator. We should also supply our secondary regulators, and let’s say there are multiple regulators to connect.

To achieve this we would need to T the hose for the regulator and carry on to the following regulator inside the collection. The 13.3 works well here. In addition, it operates on ¼” braided tubing and draught beer fittings like T’s, reducers or splicers.

Basically any tubing that is ¼” I.D. and ?” O.D. I prefer 13.3’s for accessories.

13.3’s also work when lowering the alcoholic beverages trunkline right down to the 3/16” I.D. chokeline. Here is the kind of vinyl series you use to incorporate constraint under a draft beer tower, or setting up a direct draw in a colder program relationship. 13.3’s are perfect for these situations.

14. Oetikers
14.0’s are one of the more often employed oetikers in a write method. They’re utilized on alcoholic beverages trunkline, or ? I.D. barrier tubes. These trunk lines are primarily used on much longer works above 50’ in distant systems. We start using these oetikers for all of the splicing, decreasing, and teeing away from with regards to ?” I.D buffer piping and fittings.

On our chillier package sets we utilization in the draught beer walk-in chillier each of the F.O.B.s get 14.0’s in the source area hooking up to the Beer Trunk area Collection.

For our Glycol Chiller hookups we shall use 14.0’s to attach the glycol supply and give back facial lines to a glycol chiller.

15.7 and 16.2 Oetikers
I don’t use too a number of these in write draught beer method sets up, having said that i use some of them. The airline approaching away from a major c02 regulator is actually a spot to utilize these.

We are going to make use of a ?” I.D. High-pressure gas collection approaching from the major regulator and definately will lessen the air flow line to ¼” just before linking to the second regulators.

Dependant upon the scale of the environment manifolds within the draught beer cooler that feed our draught beer couplers. This might be a place for 15.7’s, but it depends on the flight we receive for that. Occasionally 15.7 aren’t large enough and I’ll stage up to and including 16.2. It’s exactly the same for your air hose connection, and you have to be conscious of it.

15.7’s and 16.2’s can be interchangeable occasionally, and it also really is dependant on which kind of air flow tubing that is utilized and the hose accessories off equipment. You’ll see when you’re making contacts. So it’s usually excellent to get both of these sizes in your tool kit.

17. Oetikers
This can be an additional dimension clamp which is used a whole lot. In the alcoholic beverages cooler cidyba specifically. When I connect the alcoholic beverages product line from the draught beer pump towards the beer coupler. I’ll use a ?” I.D. Vinyl line to create these connections. Also anytime our company is using ?” I.D. Vinyl is when I’ll use 17. oetikers.

How You Can Eliminate Oetiker Clamps
There are two approaches to get rid of oetiker clamps. One is by using one side clamp on the oetiker pliers. Retain the pliers flat with that side over the labeled finish from the oetiker and slide the correct portion of the clamp beneath the marked end.

When this happens the oetiker will loosen and you may draw the clamp completely away from.

The next way is by slicing the best portion of the clamp by squeezing the oetiker in the stage till it breaks. In any event job it simply depends on your preference. I use each constantly.