Waffle House Menu Prices 2020 – Bear This In Mind..

Our Mission – Our mission would be to deliver a unique experience to our customers through delivering great food, friendly, attentive service, excellent price and a welcoming presence.

Our History – When Joe Rogers, Sr. bought a house from Tom Forkner in Avondale Estates, GA., in 1949, neither one knew where that relationship would bring them.

It’s the mid 1950’s. Joe Rogers and Tom Forkner were neighbors-Joe doing work for a national restaurant chain, the waffle house hours, and Tom in the local real estate business. Since employee ownership was not provided with the Toddle House, the thought of starting a company they might own and share some ownership together seemed like a good idea. Joe and Tom wanted to create a restaurant centered on people-the associates and customers-while serving quality food at a great value.

On Labor Day 1955, their dream became a reality-plus an icon was born-once the first Waffle House restaurant opened its doors for business in Avondale Estates, an Atlanta suburb. After Unit 1 opened, there were no plans for the next Unit, but the first restaurant established the Waffle House tradition of offering the friendliest service around town. Customer loyalty developed and the business grew steadily. A few years later (1957) Unit 2 was acquired and also by 1961, there were four small restaurants.

In 1961, Joe left Toddle House and visited work full time at waffle house menu with price. Tom went full-time right after. The 1960’s saw the emergence of a restaurant chain dedicated to customer service with a short order concept and, true to the founding beliefs, shared the ownership generously with management.

The company begun to expand and new units were built-in Georgia and neighboring states. The “Yellow Sign” soon became a familiar landmark along city streets and interstate highways over the Southeast. Beneath the guiding philosophy of “better before bigger,” Waffle House restaurants continued to develop both in new and existing markets.

Since day one, each Waffle House® restaurant provides guests having a unique and cozy dining experience. At each restaurant, the brilliant “Yellow Sign” greets customers like an old friend, the jukebox plays a number of the now famous Waffle House songs and associates give customers a heartfelt greeting because they walk with the door. In addition, each restaurant is open 24 hours a day, 365 days of the season, inspiring urban myths such as “Waffle House doors have zero locks.”

Most established businesses these days started as just a concept among some people with no expectation of great size and success. Joe and Tom did not envision what Waffle House has grown to be, nevertheless they stuck by their concept as well as their belief uctlbj shared ownership. Now greater than 60 years later, the southern icon has developed into a Unique American Phenomenon by serving Good Food Fast.

As the Waffle House system celebrates greater than 60 numerous years of service, we look forward to making the following generation of customers and associates area of the family. At waffle house hours of operation, success is measured by one thing-People.