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Baseball in China can best be summarized as challenging and fascinating for me. After playing professional baseball for well over a decade within the states, going over to the far east was an eye opener for me. It certainly got me to aware of the subtle differences that exist when it comes to playing baseball.

These are some of the distinctions which i skilled whilst enjoying in China. Now stay in mind that we need to comprehend you can find cultural variations in each and every nation and this goes without having saying. However when playing the game of baseball from a strategic perspective, here are among the differences:

1- Bunting a runner more than late within the game even when you are still down by a lot of operates. Inside our game once we are down by a lot, we opt for the long ball or even the large hit. And it makes sense. By bunting late within the video game if you are down by numerous operates, you happen to be simply letting go of an out and putting your self closer to the finality. It doesn’t make sense but I saw this again and again.

2- There exists very little focus on the running game or stealing bases. Let me ask you once the last time you heard of a great base stealer in China? Can’t consider one? There exists a reason behind this. As shown in point number one, they like to bunt individuals over and not take odds. You seldom see a lot of stealing happening in Japanese baseball.

3- When a single manager makes a shift, normally the other may also produce a move. I saw this repeatedly as well. Often times when the supervisor will come out to create a shift, the opposition manager experienced obligated to counter the shift. And you would see this happen even when it didn’t seem sensible. This for me had been a cultural thing and also you had been considered as week or not as being a powerful a supervisor had you been not building a move.

4- The continual noise through the video game. One important thing I needed to become accustomed to was the constant banging in the drums through the game. This maintained every second and each minute of each and every video game. It absolutely was the identical design together with the waving from the group flag. You can count on taking Tylenol or Advil by the end of the video game. I am not saying this is bad, just that it was a bhkdjj difference that had taken becoming accustomed to in order to operate successfully.

Enjoying baseball in China had been a great encounter. The one that I might not trade for anything at all. It educated me about how they play this game of baseball. I adore various cultures getting also performed in Venezuela. The single thing we must remember in America is, just as it seems different in their country will not make it right or wrong. It just makes it a cultural thing in which we can appreciate the distinctions that define this crazy world.